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About BullyNet

BullyNet, the premier Bulldog website is owned and run by Dave Kauffman and Nathan Dunleavy.

We decided to create a website that would make it easy for people like you to add your own dogs, pictures and pedigrees. We also focused on the user experience of the people interested in Bulldogs, making an appealing and organized display of the Bulldogs and their information.

We have been spotted at numerious AKC dog shows with our computers and high def video cameras streaming live video of show directly to the internet. In 2011 we launched our iPhone App, iDogEvents. iDogEvents lets users send video and images directly from iPhone and iPad.

Over the years BullyNet has evolved adding more features as the internet continued to mature. Here are some highlights.

  • We do dog's differently on the web. It's not just about the cute little puppy picture
  • Easy to upload images, no need to resize, we do it automatically for you
  • Over 25,000 images uploaded by members, easily the largest collection of Bulldog pictures on the web
  • Pedigree's that are easy to enter and view - no need to scan, upload, etc.
  • Exclusive "Select a Stud" feature allows anyone to see the resulting pedigree of breeding to a Top Stud to any of the fine girls entered by members
  • In 2008 we streamed video live from the Bulldog Club of America National Show (for free)
  • In 2007 TopK9s was created and is an All-Breed version of BullyNet.
  • In 2008 we streamed live from the National Dog Show (for free)

Dave Kauffman

I created the original BullyNet in 2001. I’d been working with computers since high school and Bulldogs shortly after and I wanted to create a website for my Bulldogs. After checking out what other people were doing on their websites, it was apparent that a lot of bulldoggers could use some help. I remember seeing pictures of Bulldogs that were stretched wider than they really were as well as poorly scanned and hard to read pedigrees.

I have worked on projects for top technology companies like Microsoft and pretty much ever other type of company out there.

Nathan Dunleavy

I started working with Dave in 2009 on many different dog related web projects. I have been working on websites and Internet marketing since 2003 specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I own two dogs – Lacy an American Eskimo, and Baxter a loveable Springer Spaniel. Our puppies have become an amazing extension of our family.

Dave and I have made some very exciting changes to Bullynet, and are very excited to offer not only a great website, but a website built around breeders and dog lovers alike. We have made the navigation clean and simple as well as making it very easy to list your achievements, puppies, pedigrees and much more.

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